A Mid-Season Trade to Improve Every Team (1/15)


The trade deadline is approaching fast, and every team is examining their strengths and weaknesses, their long-term outlook, and which players are more expendable than others.

As such, NBA Genius has come up with one trade for every team that improves their long-term outlook, or short-term realistic championship aspirations. Here is the trade:

Cleveland Receives: Andre Roberson

Oklahoma City Receives: Kyle Korver, Ante Zizic

This trade is simply offense for defense at roughly the same position, and gives Oklahoma City a prospect at back-up center.

Roberson is a quality perimeter defender. His 106 defensive rating would first on Cleveland, and his 1.2 defensive win shares would rank 2nd behind only LeBron James. His 106 defensive rating is 5.5 points better than the 111.5 defensive rating of the Cavaliers. Adding Roberson gives them a versatile defensive minded wing to throw at the back court stars of the league.

Cavs Nation

Korver is one of the best perimeter shooters of all-time, and despite the fact that he is 36, he is still killing it as a shooter. Korver is rocking a 119 offensive rating, 9.9 points per game, and 43.5% shooting on 5.5 attempts. The only players in history that have done that for a whole season are  J.J. Redick, Peja Stojakovic, and Steph Curry. He would absolutely help a Thunder team that is 19th in field goal percentage (.453), 21st in three point percentage (.356), and 29th in free throw shooting (.709).

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