NBA Draft Night Trade Ideas for Every Team (5/13)


Washington Receives: Alec Burks, Boris Diaw, 30th overall pick

Utah Receives: Ian Mahinmi, 2019 1st Round Pick

Why Washington Trades:

Wizards Depth
Marcin Gortat Boris Diaw 30th Overall Pick
Markieff Morris Jason Smith Chris McCullough
Otto Porter? Kelly Oubre Tomas Satoransky
Bradley Beal Bojan Bogdanovic Alec Burks
John Wall Brandon Jennings? Trey Burke?

Washington does lose a great big man in Ian Mahinmi, but he has greater value as a trade asset to other teams than to Washington, as evidenced by the fact that he only played 12.6 minutes per game in the playoffs, and the Wizards went more with Jason Smith. This return for Mahimi is excellent. Boris Diaw is a champion and a playmaker – two things the Wizards’ bench is lacking. Diaw started 33 games for the 51-win Utah Jazz, and he was a +1.3 on/off player.

Alec Burks, on the other hand, is a bit lost in his career. He has missed 146 of the last 246 regular season games because of injuries, but before this season, Burks was a player averaging 13.8 points per game on 43.5% shooting and 37.2% from three. Burks could definitely contribute to a hurting Wizards’ bench greatly. Also, Washington gets to have a pick in this year’s deep draft.

Why Utah Trades:

Jazz Depth
Rudy Gobert Ian Manhinmi Jeff Withey?
Derrick Favors Trey Lyles Joel Bolomboy
Gordon Hayward? Joe Johnson 24th Overall Pick
Rodney Hood Joe Ingles? Raul Neto
George Hill? Dante Exum Shelvin Mack?

While Utah does absorb Ian Mahinmi’s large contract, the annual salaries of Burks, Diaw, and the draft pick add up to be greater than Mahinmi’s salary, so Utah has that much more of a shot at retaining George Hill, Gordon Hayward, or even Joe Ingles and Shelvin Mack. Plus, the return they get is excellent. Ian Mahinmi is 30, and with much better long term potential contribution ability than Diaw at center, and Burks in general with Burks’ three season ending injuries and disposition in Quin Snyder’s wing rotation with Hayward, Hood, Johnson, and Ingles.

Jeff Withey is a free agent, and no player other than Withey and Gobert are over 6’10”, so Mahinmi would really be valuable to Utah, especially considering Rudy Gobert missed 21 games last year – it is good to have insurance for Gobert. The 2019 First Round Pick Utah receives has a very high chance of being a better selection than the 30th overall pick they give up in this draft as well.

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