Smith back with Cavaliers means no Jamal Crawford

Smith CavaliersJ.R. Smith‘s re-signing with the Cavaliers was announced by the franchise on Wednesday. Smith is a shooting guard known for his extreme hot or cold scoring style. With Cleveland, Smith’s discipline looked improved from his head scratching days with New York and Denver. No matter what one’s opinion of Smith is, one thing for sure is that this re-signing means the end of the Jamal Crawford to the Cavaliers rumors.

Crawford on Cleveland simply no longer makes sense. Iman Shumpert and J.R Smith both play shooting guard as their main position, and the 48 minutes per game at the shooting guard position is not even enough for the two of them, let alone adding a third high quality shooting guard. Even with Shumpert and Smith, Cavaliers fans will likely see Kyrie Irving, Matthew Dellavedova, LeBron James, Joe Harris, Mike Miller, and James Jones play minutes at the position too.

What Cleveland would have to give up to get Crawford certainly outweighs the gains Cleveland makes with Crawford. This is a team that made it all the way to the NBA Finals without their third best player, Kevin Love, and forced a series against one of the statistically best teams in NBA history to six games without their second best player, Kyrie Irving. The Cleveland Cavaliers are not lacking in any significant area, and with Smith back, their perceived shooting guard depth problem is gone if it ever existed at all.

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