Top Unrestricted Free Agents in 2015

Mike Zamill / Getty Images
Mike Zamill / Getty Images

Every summer has some great free agents who might leave their teams. There are many motives for leaving a team. Many players, especially young ones, look for money. Considering that basketball is these players’ employer, as well as the fact that many NBA players come from tough economic situations, money is not a surprising reason for signing elsewhere. Then there is the opposite of seeking a big pay-day, signing with a contender, often for less money than market value. It seems as though the value of winning has never been higher for a player’s legacy, and players who sign with contenders realize this. Then there is the classic universal reason for leaving, disagreement with management and coaching. These are the best athletes in the world playing in the NBA, it makes sense that some of their egos cloud the big picture that an organization is trying to paint. Whether it is not accepting a bench role, not getting the ball enough, an unhappy player will almost always look for a new team instead of resolving the conflict with the current team in today’s NBA. These players could all leave their teams for new ones before next season’s start.

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